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Investour Ltd
Energy Audit and Analysis of thermal performance of the building envelope, HVAC units efficiency, power and electricity efficiency of secondary systems (lighting, elevators, networks).
July, 2017
Culpa Delicatessen
Environmental parameters measurements both in the store and in the storage rooms and refrigeration spaces.
September, 2016
Mellon Technologies
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Preliminary Energy Audit and measurement of Indoor Environmental Quality parameters
January, 2016
ARKAT building (DESFA S.A.)
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Energy Audit of the 8-floor building occupied by DESFA (Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator) that included:
  • Building Envelope
  • Air Conditioning units
  • Lighting
  • Motors and pumps
  • Boilers and Chillers
  • Lifts
  • Indoor Air Quality
January, 2016
European Parliament building in Athens
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Project Management and partial Design for the upgrade and retrofitting of the landmark building's Air Conditioning system, in collaboration with the spanish engineering company IDOM.
October, 2014
European Reliance insurance company building
  • New HVAC Design
  • Compilation of tender documents for the supply and installation of the new HVAC system
  • Project Management for the new HVAC installation
May, 2014
Ancora Investment Trust Shipping
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  • Building Energy Audit
  • New lighting system installation
  • Motion sensors installation
  • Thermal insulation of server rooms
  • HVAC installation for the server rooms
February, 2014
American Community Schools, Athens
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Energy Audit and Analysis of thermal performance of school buildings (using the middle school as a case study), ventilation and indoor air quality control.
October, 2013
Villa in Penteli, Athens
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The villa, built in 2008, is modern double floor and generally well-constructed building of around 300 sq.m., with a 150 sq.m. basement. The owner required a more economical and energy efficient home. The main issue was the somewhat problematic combination of two heating distribution systems applied to different levels of the house: low temperature floor heating for the ground floor and high temperature radiators for the first floor and the basement, both combined with a central petrol boiler and an electricity-heated domestic hot water tank. This resulted in increased consumption of electricity and petrol, both in the winter and summer months. Tritoxo came up with several solutions, some of which could be combined for optimal results:
1. Installation of an air to water low temperature heat pump for the floor heating, plus solar collectors for preheating and domestic hot water.
2. Installation of one air to water low temperature heat pump and one air to water high temperature heat pump for both heating and domestic hot water
3. Installation of a 8 kW grid connected roof mounted photovoltaic system, which would repay its cost within six years.
November, 2012
Multifunctional building, Municipality of Kissamos, Crete
In July 2012, Tritoxo audited an old municipal building in Kissamos, near the city of Chania, Western Crete. We proceeded to design a number of energy savings measures required in order for the building to become more energy efficient. The municipality of Kissamos expected these measures to be financed by the Ministry of Environment's sponsored program for improving the energy performance of municipal buildings. What was suggested included:
• Installing new thermal internal thermal insulation (external was prohibited, in order to maintain the old façade)
• Roof thermal insulation
• Changing the old windows with new, energy efficient ones
• Installing a VRV system with heat recovery ventilation
• New low electricity consumption lighting system
July, 2012
100 kW Solar Photovoltaic Station in Megara
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Design and installation of a new 100 kW solar photovoltaic station near the city of Megara, Attica
December, 2011