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Paleokastritsa Cable Car
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Preliminary feasibility study for the installation of a Cable Car, connecting the Paleokastritsa and Lakones areas, on Northwestern Kerkira (Corfu)
November, 2016
Hotel in Kalamata
Hotel hardscape engineering specifications and tender documents compilation
February, 2015
Design of a residence in Kifissia, Athens
In spring 2012, Tritoxo undertook the design of a new residence in Kifissia, a prestigious area in Athens. The concept was to design a two floor building, plus a basement, on an existing piece of land where a second residence had been already built. The owner required that the building would be very energy efficient. The building regulations and the existence of the other facilities (a swimming pool included), limited the positioning of the residence to a rather shadowy part of the plot. The construction would include a concrete basement and the erection of a steel frame, with light concrete slabs. The external and internal walls would be constructed with cement and gypsum boards. Tritoxo engineers took advantage of a number of architectural and mechanical solutions to optimize energy efficiency.
  • Positioning of large openings to the south for solar heating
  • Provision for external thermal insulation, plus sound/thermal insulation between cement boards using top quality materials
  • Slab thermal insulation using perlite
  • Thermally efficient windows with low thermal transmittance coefficient
  • Solar thermal collectors and a low temperature heat pump for heating and domestic hot water. The heating would be provided by a underfloor heating system
  • Ceiling fans for cooling in summer months
May, 2012